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  • Hitched and Hiking!

    Hitched and Hiking!

    by Lindsey Rudibaugh My family has a long tradition of celebrating the first day of spring with a picnic.  No matter the weather, my mom loads up picnic baskets with chicken salad sandwiches, a variety of other mayonnaise-based dishes, puppy chow, root beer, what we call banana dip, and plenty of bananas, among other treats. …

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  • Walking and Dangerous

    Walking and Dangerous

    by Lindsey Rudibaugh Once upon a time, Travis got a haircut he really liked.  Then, as he reports happens too often, the woman who gave him this great haircut told him she was leaving that particular salon.  He sat there in her chair, taking in this bad news and thinking about how haircuts in his life…

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  • Why Tenderfoot?

    Why Tenderfoot?

    What’s in a name?  Allow us to explain!  Choosing a name for our non-profit was not something we took lightly.  In fact, laboring over it set us back weeks in progress toward getting formally established.  These weeks were punctuated by Lindsey walking through the house singing Muppet Classic Theater’s Gotta Get That Name (a rather persistent childhood…

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