Well-established organizations are often reluctant to partner with startup organizations. Who wants to publicly bet on an unproven horse? Tenderfoot is named in part for those brave souls who take on new things, who are willing to risk failure — and persevere when it inevitably happens — to achieve new heights. Our sincere gratitude goes out to the fine folks who took a chance on Tenderfoot in our earliest days. Without their faith in us and willingness to partner, Tenderfoot’s path to stability would have been a much steeper climb.

Our interest in partnering continues. We’re looking for partnerships with:

  • local sustainable farms to create a full-diet CSA program,
  • schools & universities to provide sustainability-based educational experiences for students of any age,
  • those seeking to improve access to education in the Appalachian region, and
  • those interested in collaborating on grant proposals to support joint projects.

Please email us at if you’re interested in working together to our mutual benefit.

Endless thanks to our earliest believers:

Blue Willow Farm
Alliance, OH
with special thanks to Priscilla & Rudy Roggenkamp

Fichter Farm
Minerva, OH
with special thanks to Hank & Joli Fichter

Jupiter Studios
Alliance, OH
with special thanks to Tammy Carpenter

Ohio University
Athens, OH
with special thanks to the Community Work Study program
& Russ College of Engineering

Prescott College
Prescott, AZ
with special thanks to the Alumni Office

Rural Action
Athens, OH
with special thanks to the organizers of Birds in the Hills

Sassafras Farm
New Marshfield, OH
with special thanks to Ed Perkins & Amy Abercrombie

University of Mount Union
Alliance, OH
with special thanks to the Office of Student Affairs,
the Integrative Core, & the School of Engineering