Scholarship Quartet

Congratulations to Alexa, Josie, Ryan, & Ta’sha, our Thru-Hiker Scholarship recipients!
Alexa (left) graduated from Beaver Local High School in Columbiana County last spring. She attends Notre Dame College and is studying Communications.

Josie (middle left) graduated from Grand Valley High School in Ashtabula County. She is pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering at Miami University.

Ryan (middle right) is a graduate of Malvern High School in Carroll County. He is currently in his first year at The University of Akron.

Ta’sha (right) is a student at The University of Akron where she’s pursuing a degree in Political Science.  She graduated from Malvern High School.

The Thru-Hiker Scholarship was a unique non-renewable award available for the 2018-2019 academic year. Tenderfoot’s founders, Lindsey and Travis, hiked the full length of the Appalachian Trail to raise money for both scholarships and startup needs for Tenderfoot Learning Lab. This hike-a-thon took 7 months, from May to December 2018, and covered 2,191 miles.

Note: Many people have asked if this scholarship is to fund student enrollment in a semester-long experience at Tenderfoot Fair Trade Learning Lab. The answer, in short, is no. Our semester-long experiences are a long-term goal and likely won’t be available until Fall 2021. This scholarship was our way of immediately working toward our mission of making higher education more affordable, particularly for students from regions that are under-represented in colleges and universities. Any high school senior or college freshman from Northeast Ohio Appalachia who was enrolling in a 4-year college/university in Fall 2018 was eligible to apply. 

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