Study Away Experiences

Applications are now open for Summer Break 2023!

Participants in our overnight programs get to experience a lifestyle that is likely very different from their own, learn useful life skills, and earn affordable college credit*.  With the guidance and expertise of our live-in staff, participants manage a garden, cook for each other, and work on infrastructure to produce energy.  Students also take classes that explore how sustainability is relevant to their own academic majors, professions, and communities.  To answer a common question, a day-in-the-life goes something like this:

9 am – 12 pm Work Teams: Garden, Kitchen, and Infrastructure
12 pm – 2 pm Lunch & Break
2 pm – 5 pm Class Time (experiential and in-class activities)
5 pm – 7 pm Dinner & Break
7 pm – Recreation, Reflection, & Relaxation

We offer programs in durations of 1 week, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and full semesters (15 weeks). 
If you represent an institution interested in providing this experience to your students, please visit our Partners page for more information!

*Tenderfoot Learning Lab is not a credit-granting institution.  For students seeking college credit, we work with your home institution in advance of your arrival at Tenderfoot to determine how your sustainable semester/spring break/summer break will be credited.