The following workshops are available by request for groups of 4 to 10 people. Larger groups may be accommodated for some topics; submit inquiries using the request form. Workshops can be stacked to create a full-day program.

knots 101

Learn to tie knots commonly used in hammocking, gardening, camping, and everyday life.
60 minutes | $8 per person

Life with less plastic

Identify the most common sources of plastic in your life, make a plan for using alternatives, and learn ways to upcycle or recycle the plastic that inevitably does find its way into your home or workplace.
60 minutes | $10 per person

Yoga by the pond

Meditate to the sounds of nature while doing yoga on or around the pond.
60 minutes | $10 per person

earth-friendly bath & beauty

Look, feel, and smell great with bath and beauty products that are healthy for both you and the environment. Learn to identify sustainable sources for these products and make a few of your own. Leave with a homemade hair, skin, or hygiene product.
90 minutes | $15 per person

the big 3: water, energy, & waste

Deepen your understanding of these three major players in local and global sustainability. Develop strategies for reducing consumption in your home and/or workplace.
90 minutes | $15 per person

sustainable leadership

Decisions are the point at which we transform knowledge into action. Learn to recognize 3 common approaches to decision-making and begin a life-long practice of choosing with the greatest good in mind – for people, prosperity, and the planet.
90 minutes | $15 per person

sustainability in my career

At Tenderfoot, we believe sustainability is relevant to every household, community, and career field. Whether you’re new to the workforce or a seasoned professional, explore how you can use your work time contribute to a better world.
90 minutes | $15 per person

Gardening for beginners

Start your sustainability journey with a garden! We’ll cover planning your garden layout, sowing seeds, planting starts, weed and pest management, and choosing from a variety of organic growing methods. Leave with your own potted plant.
2 hours | $20 per person

Fire-building + Campfire cooking

Build community while building campfires and learning to safely cook over an open fire.
2 hours | $15 per person, includes snacks

Sustainable textiles & fashion

Learn the basics of one or more textile-related skill (sewing, crochet, mending, natural dying). Trace the origins of your own wardrobe and discover ways to fill your closet that are environmentally and socially conscious.
2 hours | $20 per person

Food Dehydration

Informed by our experience prepping meals for our Appalachian Trail thru-hike, this workshop is for all skill levels. From fruits and vegetables to stews and desserts, learn to dehydrate snacks or complete meals.
2.5 hours | $30 per person, includes snacks


Prepare for an overnight hike including choosing camping gear, assembling your pack, planning meals, planning a route, and mentally & physically adapting to the trail.
3 hours | $40 per person, includes snacks