While COVID-19 remains a public health concern, our events primarily take place outdoors.  Masks are required for indoor activities and for the use of restroom & kitchen facilities.  For our residential programs, proof of vaccination is required.  

Volunteer Day & Lunch – April 23, 2022  |  Sign me up!
Join us as we prepare Tenderfoot’s outdoor spaces for spring and summer programs.  We’ll prepare the garden beds, work on greenhouse construction, spruce up the camp site, and have a delicious lunch with local ingredients.

Skill Swap  |  I’m interested!
To make every day Earth Day, we’re offering personal training for sustainable living.  As the name implies, all we ask in return is that you teach us something you’re skilled in.  No skill is too small or silly – we can get crafty, musical, muscled, muddy, healthier…We’re game!  Click “I’m interested” above to tell us what skills you’re interested in teaching & learning.

Tenderfoot’s 16-acre home is now available as a host location for retreats, reunions, workshops, camping, scout outings, or other creative uses you dream up.  Our location is suitable for teams, families, or generally any group with a shared purpose or a desire for togetherness in a natural environment.  Day use and overnight use are available, and prepared meals* can be included if desired.  We can accommodate 8 to 12 overnight guests indoors (based on double occupancy), and plentiful tent/hammock sites are available outdoors.

Contact us at to inquire about dates, pricing, and workshops our team can facilitate. All revenue will support our mission of providing affordable residential programs to teach self-reliant, sustainable living.

*Note about meals:  Sustainability is central to our mission, and the food we serve is a reflection of that.  We source ingredients as locally as the season allows, and we use only organic produce in consideration of personal health, environmental health, and the financial health of our community.

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