In response to COVID-19, many of our events are likely to be canceled or moved online.  We’ve made the Skill Swap an indefinite thing, an ongoing way to connect to our circle and celebrate Earth Day every day.  

Skill Swap  |  I’m interested!
In celebration of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, we’re offering personal training for sustainable living.  As the name implies, all we ask in return is that you teach us something you’re skilled in.  No skill is too small or silly – we can get crafty, musical, muscled, muddy, healthier…We’re game!  Click “I’m interested” above to tell us what skills you’re interested in teaching & learning.

Date Nights | every other month  |  Register now!
Got an itch for a date night?  Come make something from scratch.  Lindsey & Travis, Tenderfoot’s founders, fell in love in the kitchen and we’re excited to keep cooking up love.  Pairs of any kind are welcome for an evening of creating something together, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. $30 per pair, register at least 7 days prior to event.

June 5                Reusable utensils  canceled due to COVID-19
August 1            Pie
October 24        Pumpkin in 4 courses

Volunteer Days  |  Register here
Specific projects will be announced closer to each day.  Groups are welcome on these dates or can be scheduled separately.  Please contact us if you’d like to bring a group so we can plan ahead to ensure a positive experience for all.  Projects will run 9 am to 4 pm with lunch provided. Sign up at least 5 days prior to the date you intend to volunteer.

June 20   canceled due to COVID-19
August 15
November 27-28       See Gratitude Getaway below for details.

Overnight lodging available to volunteers who’d like to enjoy a day of rest at Tenderfoot after their day of work.

Summer Hang | July 18 – 19, 2020  |  Register
Spend the weekend suspended between two trees in our hammock garden.   Lunch on Saturday through brunch on Sunday are included, and optional activities include a hammock knot tutorial, siesta hour, and evening campfire.

$60 per person.  Borrow one of our hammocks or bring your own – no additional cost for borrowing, but supplies are first come, first serve.  Register by July 8.

Labor Day Weekend Retreat | September 4 – 7, 2020  |  Register
Just as we humans need a break from hard work, Mother Earth needs a break from our demands.  Spend a weekend treading incredibly lightly on Earth’s resources with good company and good food.  We’ll turn off the electricity, live by natural light, and use only renewable resources for cooking and entertainment.

Some discomfort is inherent in this event.  We hope you’ll acknowledge that and lean in rather than letting it deter you.  $180 per person.  Register by August 25.

Dehydrator Dare Devils | September 26, 2020  | 12 pm – 3 pm  |  Register now!
Whether you’re preserving the bounty of harvest season or preparing for a long hike, this workshop will provide an overview of dehydration as a food preservation method.  We’re not just talking fruits and jerky, we’re talking stews, breakfast, veggies, dairy, sauces, and spices.  You’ll leave prepared to dehydrate like a line cook and a gourmet chef, whichever style best suits your needs and wants.  Re-hydrated lunch and take-home snacks included.

$25 per person.  Register by September 18.

Gratitude Getaway | November 27 – 28, 2020  |  Register now!
The last of our volunteer weekends, we invite you to opt outside with us after Thanksgiving.  We’ll spend half of each day on a volunteer project and the rest of each day in mindful gratitude for the year’s gifts, challenges, and learning.  Lodging and meals are free to volunteers, but donations to cover costs of groceries won’t be turned down.

Register by November 13.

Tenderfoot’s 16-acre home is now available as a host location for retreats, reunions, workshops, or other creative uses you dream up.  Our location is suitable for teams, families, or generally any group with a shared purpose or a desire for togetherness in a natural environment.  Day use and overnight use are available, and prepared meals can be included if desired.  We can accommodate 8 to 12 overnight guests indoors (based on double occupancy), and plentiful tent/hammock sites are available outdoors.

Contact us at to inquire about dates, pricing, and workshops our team can facilitate.  All revenue will support our mission of providing affordable residential programs on self-reliant, sustainable living.

(Note about meals:  Sustainability is central to our mission, and the food we serve is a reflection of that.  We source ingredients as locally as the season allows, and we use only organic produce.  This consideration for personal health, environmental health, and the financial health of our community means our meal cost may be higher than you’re accustomed to.)

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